Festivals, baybeeeee

The time for booking festivals is finally HERE!!  We’ll have a press kit done in the next day or two.  If you know of any awesome festivals that we should be aware of, PULEASE get in contact with us!  It’s not a shock that “electro-surf” just seems to work really well outdoors.  If you are an organizer of a festival and you want some AWESOME CUPS to perform, seriously contact us.  I will send you our EPK immediately.

AC has slowed our shows down in the last couple of months to focus on Zimakazuma.  Doing everything in-house always takes more time than anticipated, but rest assured, we ARE working.  Beezzzart is busy working on the album art work and I just saw some last night.  It’s FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC!  I’m not going to give any dates, but we’ll get it to you ASAP.  Trust me, we’re ready to start writing again!

Update:  I just wanted to thank ALL those supporters that have suggested, mentioned, or put us on so many festivals this year.  It’s good to feel loved!!

August 26th – Palmers

SO, we are going to be at Palmers August 26th. There’s a first time for everything, but I have heard great things about this club. We’ll be playing with some great bands, Velahsa, Snailmate AND touring band Street Hassle. There should be some awesome prezuma tapes ready for your enjoyment along with a certain percentage of nudity.

Awesome Cups, Velahsa, Snailmate and Street Hassle

Awesome Cups, Velahsa, Snailmate and Street Hassle

I’m still not Tony

Tony just got done with vacation. He and his traveling circus went to bermuda and buried each other in the sand for 3-5 days straight before heading off to the Virgin Islands. Tony was disappointed. He only found like 3 virgins and none were all that attractive. Why, might you ask, does the Tony blog keep saying “Tony” and not “I” or “me”? Well, it’s because this is Christo and I’m just trolling his blog. Don’t worry, he won’t ever find out.

Grandapalooza LOVE!!!

THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!  Sending out love to Scott Mahlmann and family for putting this on, Wayne’s hard work, all the bands and most importantly all of you who attended!  We had a great time and will be posting more from the event.  UNTIL THEN!!!  Here’s a track we give you as gift because we love your faces!


hey all y’all!  Soon we’ll be able to announce the date of our appearance during Grandapalooza in May!  We cannot wait!  Let’s kick off ‘summer’ right and have one hell of a party.  There will be a full-on Zimakazooma set ready and hopefully something for you guys to take home.  I for one, am looking forward to getting another Grandapalooza shirt and our annual purchase of a Beezzzart piece.

SESAC, baby!

Christo here….I just wanted to announce that I’m now officially a member of SESAC performing rights organization and it feels GREAT!  I love how they operate.  They focus on developing the artist and help figure out best avenues to pursue.   When I dive more into the member area of the site, I’ll add some comments on the bottom here.  If you are a musician looking to step up your game and get a little more serious about your art, I’d very much recommend reading about SESAC vs the other major two PROs.  Go read stuff NOT by SESAC, ASCAP or BMI.  Look up reviews from artists who have tried them.    More to come….for now, I have to go register my songs <3




I’m a winner!

HI!  My name is Tony and I never look at my band’s website.  I wear underpants that are too tight, but that’s alright.  Let’s get rollin like it’s stolen!




OH, and I like bacon.